Terms And Conditions


To be considered a customer of A Bit on the Side Ltd you must agree to abide by all the terms and conditions in this agreement. Please read this agreement carefully before placing any form of contract with us. If a contract has been made once you have read this agreement, you must indicate your acceptance of this agreement and its terms and conditions by signing and returning this document with each order form.

We reserve the right to change, modify, add or remove proportions of this agreement at any time. All clients will be notified in writing using the last known address.

If this agreement, or any further changes to this agreement, are not acceptable or cause you to no longer be compliant with this agreement, you must notify us in writing and pay all outstanding monies due to us immediately, we will then terminate our agreement with you and take further action, where necessary.

Pricing and Estimates

Estimates are valid for 28 days following dispatch

Estimates provided over the phone are given on the size you, the customer, provide as information

Size difference on site is your responsibility and we will not take liability for this

All estimates by the company are based on the current cost to the company of labour and materials

If an Order Number or written confirmation is not provided, the company is entitled to charge the same rate per metre square if additional work is carried out under your verbal instructions


If, in the opinion of the company, it is impractical, for any reason, to carry out the work it has been instructed to, the company has the right to charge for time wasted traveling to and from the site and time on site

Every endeavour will be made to carry out work by the time desired, but the company shall not be liable for any delay, howsoever occasioned and this not withstanding a definite date for the completion specified

The company has the right to refuse any contract for reasons known to the company

If the customer debts to the company are not satisfied within 3 months of invoices the company will instruct solicitors to retrieve monies owed. This will add extra cost to the original invoice

The company cannot accept any responsibility for damage to the scaffold structure or building structure, due to unseen forces i.e. high winds, excessive rain, fitting of materials involved

Day rate will also be charged if a job is cancelled while men are traveling to the site

Once the materials have been erected this then becomes the property of the client, if we are required to take it down a charge is to be agreed before work commences

Signs may be used on the job with permission from the customer. Signs, tubes and fittings are the property of A Bit on the Side Ltd and will be collected at a later date either from the site or from the customer's yard, which ever is more convenient

Job cancellation requires 48 hours notice


A Bit on the Side Ltd scaffold sheeting fixers are not qualified scaffolders therefore adequate boards and guard rails are required for safe working practice for the men

All scaffold lifts should have one metre centers. This provides adequate fixing for the sheeting and safety for the erectors. This also applies to frame work scaffolding for the sides of false roof scaffolds


Guard rails and ledgers are to follow the same height around the parameter of the scaffold, with a rail at an angle close to the pitch of the roof

Tin on top of a false roof scaffold should sail past the outside standards by at least 4 inches, particularly at the base of pitch

Scaffold lifts should be at the height of 1 metre 90 centimetres to allow adequate laps between sheeting

Scaffold should be as flush as possible, making sure boards do not protrude too far on the returns

Buttresses and fans should come from the ledgers

Inside standards should be as close as possible to the building to ensure a minimal distance between the scaffold and the building

If these recommendations are not complied with, the cladders will do their utmost to compensate but we can not guarantee that the weather will not come in at trouble areas


All invoices are subject to The Late Payment of Commercial Debts (Interest) Act 1998 as amended and supplemented by The Late Payment of Commercial Debts Regulations 02

All invoice numbers must be stated when payment is made

Payment of an invoice must be made within 30 days from date of invoice by cheque made payable to “A Bit on the Side Ltd” or by BACS (Bank: H. S. B. C. Bank plc; Sort Code: 40-26-27; Account Number: 31440861)

Payments over the 30 day term are subject to interest being charged under the Small Companies Act – the monthly interest charge is to be at 8% above base rate

Prices are shown on the price list. Additional price for traveling will be agreed before work commences


Materials are covered up to a wind loading of 45 miles per hour, however this only applies to sheeting that is erected on scaffold that conforms to our specifications. If sheeting is erected on scaffold that is not to our specifications and no notification to you is given, the warranty is invalid

Any sheeting damaged by adverse weather conditions will be charged at a standard rate (Please see Price List)

The customer shall be entitled to the benefits of any warranty to which the company is entitled to against the manufacturer of materials and any sub contracted labour. All work carried out by the company is warranted against failure due to defective workmanship / materials for a period of three months or until the contract ends, whichever is sooner

This warranty extends to the materials supplied and fixed by ourselves and does not cover materials supplied by the customer

Complaints Procedure

In the event of any complaint, please contact us by phone, fax, post or e-mail and we will endeavour to rectify any problems at the earliest opportunity

Failure to comply to these terms and conditions will render any guarantee / warranty invaid

This does not affect your statutory rights, however requesting work to be carried out, verbally or in writing joins you into our legally binding agreement, even if you have not signed the terms and conditions, it shows acknowledgement of them

Scaffold Cladding and Sheeting